My name is Wallace but I am sometimes referred to as “Wally,” or to be more specific "a bit of a Wally".  Not sure what my owners mean by that?  The Wallace name was chosen due to my car model being made famous by the Nick Park “Wallace and Gromit” series where a distant relation of mine had a leading role has the “Anti-Pest” van.  Anyway, I work for the “On the Quay” team, you’ll spot us has we all wear our distinctive bright red crab logo.  My duties are taking away the rubbish and picking up supplies for the cafe and restaurant.  I also like to make the locals and visitors smile when they see me and so if you see me around the island don’t forget to give me a wave and a big smile :). People often ask me how old i am, I was born in 1968 and am a Austin A35 van made in the UK.  I was very popular back then and there were lots of us on the road but now we are a little out of date. Due to me being slightly worn out I recently had some major works to by internal and external body and am now nearly as good as new.  Well, I keep running, a little slow granted, plus my brakes aren’t like these new cars so remember to give me plenty of space!


I love the Isles of Scilly and I hope you do too.  I also love having a selfie so feel free to take a photo but remember to get my good side in ( the one with the crab logo).  I have my own facebook page @https://www.facebook.com/onthequayios/ and would really appreciate it if you would upload you selfies to me along with any other photo’s of your time in Scilly you’d like to share with me.


Now we are friends I hope you’ll come and see me again during your trip and definitely before you leave.  Be sure to grab an ice cream from our cafe, a delicious meal in our restaurant

Hope you to see you again soon.

Peep Peep


Wallace est 1968



Phil Moon