A blast from the past? Scillonia Airways @radioscilly @VisitIOS

The beautiful Scillonia Airways at Goodwood 2017

The beautiful Scillonia Airways at Goodwood 2017

For the last few years we have been visiting the classic car event Goodwood revival in our classic car

If you have never been then we can highly recommend it, in fact it's a must for your bucket list.

Ok it's car based, so some of you might think its not for you, but you can shop til you drop with amazing items you rarely see, the racing is great and you can get up close to famous drivers, amazing cars that are worth more than you can imagine

During Goodwood this year we were in very detailed discussions to start our new life in the Isles of Scilly and we bumped into the Scillonia Airways plane... was it a sign?? Time will tell!

We would love to hear from anyone who flow in this beauty, we personally think that the flight  to St Mary's from Land End is an incredible experience


Phil Moongoodwood