Busy busy busy in Scilly Scilly Scilly #radioscilly


Week 3 in Scilly has seen massive progress in both the café and restaurant.

The floor tiles and wall tiles in the café are now finished and the painting is nearly complete.  The first of the lights were installed today so it's starting to become a really nice space to be in.  Upstairs the restaurant is taking shape with the majority of the stud walling in place and the kitchen area insulated and the serving hatch framework created.

Enjoyed an open mic session on Friday night where we got to experience the music scene here on the Isles for the second week running.  There are some very musically talented people here and it was a real treat to experience the mix of music and styles with some very nice Cornish beers.  There is way more nightlife during the winter months than we first anticipated which has been a real surprise.  We've got a quiz night tomorrow at one of the local pubs so wish us luck, we'll need it :) Any musicians please feel free in contacting us as we hope to have our our entertainment soon

Met our first celebrity this weekend.  Stan Collimore was on St.Mary's reporting on the Scilliies smallest football league in the UK.  I'm sure I wouldn't have recognised him without the camera crew and the nod from some of the locals that he was due in town.  Nice to hear his radio interview on the local station and the fact that this could promote Scilly on his show and put the 2 Garrison Gunners and Woolpack Wanderers  teams on the map.

Wallace the van is due to arrive this Friday so we are really looking forward to his grand arrival.  We can't wait to get him here and are planning a driving tour of St Mary's to give him a good run and test him out on the Scilly roads.  We will blog more details of Wallace's dismemberment this weekend so keep your eye out for it.

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