The icing on the cake after 6 month's at On the Quay @onthequayios



What a amazing 6 months Sheryl & I have had "Living the Dream" in the Isles of Scilly

It's not everyday a young (lol) couple from a little town in Leicestershire gets to tell these types of story... And maybe it's not even believable… Some of the reactions we have had over these 6 months tells you that



We arrived in IOS on the 5th of January with a storm blowing and waves crashing over the harbour wall. The winds blew 18 tiles of the roof within the first week which was incredible to watch if not a little daunting for 2 people from Leicestershire.

With work starting on the 5th January the project had a very ambitious  project deadline and we don't think many people believed it could happen with such difficult supplies of raw materials everything arrives by ship, 3 times a week and only if the weather allows.


Cafe new flooring and wall tiles started

Cafe new flooring and wall tiles started

Before work starts in the restaurant

Before work starts in the restaurant

Our renovation started on the grab and go cafe on the ground floor whilst the contractors (Quicks & Sons)  started the heavy work in the restaurant. The with the ceiling down the extent of a earlier fire could be seen. We have a fantastic relationship with the Duchy team here on St Mary's. We were able to discuss all of the ideas and their help and support in get the project moving forward




 but the cafe came in ahead of schedule with the restaurant opening just a few weeks late, a credit to the whole team... you know who you are :-)

With a very welcoming community interested in our plans we quickly realised the had taken on a much loved building with the fondest and lots of memories of the Sunset restaurant in years gone by where a regular disco was a real favourite... We have a lot to live up to... We hope we will be remembered with the same affection

"It never snows in IOS" said everybody! lol!!

"It never snows in IOS" said everybody! lol!!



But IOS hadn't finished with us yet..... The weather was about to send us another surprise




With the major works now completed, it was time to put the final touches on the Cafe and Restaurant.

Many of our items are recycled, repurposed and manufactured here in IOS we think like we have retained the industrial  feel of the building yet making it practical as a bar, restaurant and venue

The icing on the cake...… Today not only did we receive the icing but we also were able to give it, with a visit from HRH Prince of Wales and HRH Duchess of Cornwall

The crowds were out to see the Royal party arrive and also enjoy some of the fantastic produce at the market On the Quay


The official Quay opening ceremony ribbon was cut and the party made there way into our newly opened restaurant

With all of the nerves gone within seconds of meeting them we were able to talk through some of the renovation works  and the amazing 6 months we have had living on the Isles of Scilly

The summer season is now really starting and we are looking forward to seeing the business blossom 

A big thank you to the team (Most seen here) but excludes Lucy, Tina, Annabel, Hannah and Jeremy (And not forgetting Henry whom at late notice held the doors open)

A big thank you to the team (Most seen here) but excludes Lucy, Tina, Annabel, Hannah and Jeremy (And not forgetting Henry whom at late notice held the doors open)

As we now head into the main season it is time for our food, drink and surroundings to speak for themselves.

If you haven't been already then here's a taste of some of the amazing things we have to offer

The views are simply stunning, the food not only looks beautiful but they taste incredible and where better could you sit to enjoy the heart of IOS

No matter what you are looking for whether it's our grab and go cafe providing homemade cakes, sandwiches, panni's, and now a pizza service or you want to slow things down and simply watch the world go by. On the Quay is friendly, welcoming and offers good service

We look forward to welcoming soon

Phil, Sheryl & the team

Phil Moon