Happy Birthday Phil

It’s Phil Birthday today so yesterday I decided to make him a Birthday cake.  I choose a Guinness Cake because a friend at work made one recently and it was really yummy,  I used Nigella’s recipe substituting the guinness with Phil’s home brew stout and used plain gluten free flour instead.  Recipe was easy to follow and required no fancy gadgets.  The liquid batter was delicious along with the cream cheese frosting top.  The cake looks amazing, just like a proper pint of Guinness with an extra creamy head.  We couldn’t wait to eat it.  The whole house now smells of this delicious cake.  The verdict is that the cake is very tasty, quite heavy so you only need a small slice.  I think we’ll be sharing this out to all our family and friends so that we don’t end up eating it all.   Hope Phil has an amazing Birthday as he deserves it :)




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