Our new life in Scilly is a step closer

Another major milestone yesterday as the dream of moving to Scilly gets ever closer.

Both Sheryl and I (Phil) left our full time jobs yesterday.  Sheryl has worked for Hanson Quarry Products since 1999 so was a big day for her.

It was an emotional day where we both managed to hold it together and stay positive about our big lifestyle change.  Sheryl describes her current state like being a professional boxer awaiting a big fight and the built up feeling you have and hold until you can release them on entering the ring - let's hope she's not planning on fighting me LOL

The Hanson team and the Haulier admin team really pulled out all the stops for Sheryl's last day.  Check out the amazing photo's below of a memory book her team created for her where they have each left a special message and obtained best wishes from people old and new.  She also received a number of lovely gifts, she was totally spoilt.   After reading these I am surprised she managed to hold it together.

Phil MoonOn the Quay